08 August 2006

Blog Fishing

A few days ago, when I made my monthly round of the chess blogs (see Elsewhere on the Web Blog Tripping in July), I counted 71 blogs with posts in July. Of these, I counted 51 hosted on Blogspot.com. This makes it convenient to search for blog posts using the following search string...

Results from blogspot.com for chess.

...A small enhancement narrows that search to posts made during the month of July...

Results from blogspot.com for chess inurl:2006 inurl:07.

...Another small enhancement allows searching for posts on a specific topic. This search brings up July posts about Jessie Gilbert ...

Results 1 - 10 of about 39 from blogspot.com for chess gilbert inurl:2006 inurl:07.

A couple of other tricks for Blogspot.com are...

July 2006 archive for this blog

Atom feed for this blog

...Both URLs can be built automatically knowing only the subdomain (chessforallages in this case) of the blog.


Note: I had to truncate the link text for the July 2006 archive URL. When published, it failed to wrap around, broke the container, and pushed the right column down the page to start at the end of the left column. Longer URLs in this post behaved properly. It appears that certain special characters allow wrap-around.


Note: I discovered afterward that the inurl trick ('inurl:/2006/07/') didn't work as I thought. I corrected it to the format shown ('inurl:2006 inurl:07').

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