22 February 2007

IP : Intellectual Property or Internet Protocol?

Here is more on An Amazing Coincidence. About.com gave me some boilerplate text to use in an email complaint. It appears to have worked. After sending a copy of the message to the site's domain contact, I received the reply, 'It was submitted by one of our members. I'll unpublish these articels, and will then look into it. Thanks for letting me know.'

The URL now returns the message 'You are not authorized to view this resource. You need to login.' I'll check that another time.

The site has other members who are not particularly concerned about copyright. This caught my attention (dated 2006/08/05)...

Changing my mind about OMOV ??

...because I couldn't understand why an Israeli site would be interested in USCF politics. A little research showed that the post was originally written by the well known Sam Sloan on rec.games.chess.misc (dated Apr 1 2004)...

Changing my mind about OMOV ??

...The Google page is marked '©2007 Google'. Since Google is engaged in an ongoing copyright dispute with everyone on the planet, I doubt they would care much.

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