12 March 2007

Testing HTML Tables

According to the Opening Explorer at Chessgames.com, the most popular openings today are:-

1.e4 206,083
1.d4 145,174
1.Nf3 36,586
1.c4 32,038
1.g3 2,909
1.f4 1,403
1.b3 1,130

According to the Position Search at Chesslab.com, the W-L-D stats for the four most popular moves are (from White's point of view):-

 H: L:
1.e4 41% - 30% - 29%38% - 31% - 31%
1.d4 39% - 27% - 34%38% - 28% - 34%
1.Nf3 36% - 25% - 39%37% - 26% - 37%
1.c4 38% - 26% - 36%38% - 28% - 34%

The 'H:' column is for games played through 1990; the 'L:' column is for games played since 1990. According to the 'L:' statistics, with 1.e4, White has a 38% chance of winning, a 31% chance of losing, and a 31% chance of drawing.

This doesn't look very good in draft. How will it look when it's published?


Later: As usual with Blogger.com, CRLF between lines causes formatting problems. Flowing the table rows without CRLF looks acceptable.


Wahrheit said...
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