24 March 2007

Vote for the Chess Oscar

A few weeks ago FIDE.com invited the World Press to Vote for Chess Oscar.

Chess journalists around the world are invited to vote for the Chess Oscar on the FIDE web site. A project of the FIDE Commission for Chess Information, Publication and Statistics (CHIPS) under chairman Alexander Roshal, this well known award was revived by `64` magazine. For more information and web enabled automated voting, go to oscar.fide.com. This project shall also assist the CHIPS Commission in creating a database of chess journalists.'

What's 'CHIPS'? A Google search informs that it stands for Chess Information, Publication and Statistics. Its officials are listed under FIDE Chess Information (CHIPS). For minutes from their meetings, search the FIDE site for the acronym.

Are chess bloggers considered chess journalists by FIDE? The best way to find out is by voting.

1 comment:

Tom Chivers said...

I voted. Let's see!