20 June 2008

Mr. Personality?

"GM Gata Kamsky was at the top of a six-way tie for first at the National Open (June 5-8), part of the Las Vegas International Chess Festival. In this 8 minute interview with Chess.FM, Kamsky discusses his time in Vegas and his thoughts on the upcoming World Championship candidates match with Veselin Topalov, scheduled for November in Lvov, Ukraine. — Macauley"

8 Minutes with Gata (8:13) • 'ICC Chess.fm. This is Macauley wrapping up a long weekend in sin city, Las Vegas...'

If you've ever wondered why chess isn't featured more on network television, this might help explain it...

Q:[On the upcoming match with Topalov] If it was a choice between having the spot go to Shirov or playing in Bulgaria? A: Well, it's a difficult question and I can't really answer it, so I'm going to skip it. [...] Q: Is there anybody you're working with now or plan to this summer? A: Do you want me to divulge all my secret preparation? Q: Are you working with some trainers? A: I don't know. I don't feel like I'm qualified to answer that question because my hands are tied. [...] Q: What do you have planned in terms of training? Are you playing any matches? A: I have no idea.

...In all fairness, if you take those bits out, it's a good interview.


Lyn said...

Probably you were being sarcastic, but even without those bits, this interview is pretty lame indeed. What news did we learn in 8 minutes - eight? That Gata played already in Vegas and likes to walk around and discover new buildings? That he obviously didn't want to talk about his preparation despite the annoying insistence of the professed journalist? This guy can't take revenge of Gata (not editing out those Q&A you pointed) just because he's not a good interviewer. It takes skills, knowledge and personality to conduct a decend interview and even if supported by Kamsky's favourite ICC, Macauley obviously lack all of those. Ah, and did he receive money for the uncalled-for and childish Facebook ad at the end? Chess will never make to the general public if that's the way fake journalists keep on portaying it!

Mark Weeks said...

Hi Lyn - Except for the title of the post, I wasn't being sarcastic. I thought the clip was filmed and recorded much better than most of the chess clips I've seen, but hadn't considered the points you raise. I agree that the interviewer accepted too quickly Kamsky's unwillingness to speak his mind. - Mark