27 October 2008

Re-entry after a Long Absence

Out of circulation for five of the last seven weeks, I've lost track of whence I've come and whither I'm going on posts to this blog. To remind myself what I was doing, I'm using this re-entry post to do an inventory. As I mentioned in my post on The Influence of Time and Schedules, I try to cycle through topics on a weekly schedule. All I have to do is to remember what I was working on for different days of the week.

Sunday: For the last year or so I've been using a weekend post to explore issues related to the Soviet School and to Ratings. My most recent post was Chigorin -> Romanovsky -> Kotov, where I started a series on Chigorin, starting with the 1893 Chigorin - Tarrasch match.

Tuesday: Bobby Fischer's last request to the chess world was to explore the variant known as Fischerandom Chess. I'm doing this in a series on Chess960.

Wednesday: I call this WCC Wednesday and use it to update my site on the World Chess Championship. The work is recorded in the corresponding World Championship Blog. The 16th World Computer Championship finished at the beginning of October, and the Anand - Kramnik World Championship match should finish this week. I also have work to do on the ICCF World Championships and on the Zonals.

Friday: I alternate between posts on Video Friday and Flickr Friday. The main job here is to review new material added to YouTube or to Flickr since the previous post. During my most recent hiatus, I stayed up to date and even made a small post on each thread.

This schedule leaves Monday, Thursday, and Saturday for posts on other, miscellaneous chess topics. A long, ongoing topic has been the Analytical Series, where I look at chess games and positions. My most recent post here was The 'Fischer Attack'. A new series will be conversion of selected About.com pieces, as mentioned in All My Material ... Gone Forever ... Not!. I would also like to reference periodic posts to Chess.com.

In top of all this I have an offline list of posts requiring a followup and another of interesting comments which need attention. This should keep me busy for a while.

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