14 September 2012

The Fridge as King?

I'm not sure about the King, but the Knights are ironing boards. Of that I'm certain, at least for one side.

The Art of Chess @ Saatchi Gallery © Flickr user H A P P Y F A M O U S A R T I S T S under Creative Commons.

Shown is 'Rachel Whiteread: Modern Chess Set, 2005'; the full photo set is The Art of Chess @ Saatchi Gallery. For more about the exhibit, see The Art of Chess (saatchi-gallery.co.uk):-

This collaboration with RS&A brings together 16 chess sets designed by some of the world's leading contemporary artists in celebration of the 'game of kings' and its continued relevance to the creative arts.

For details about the artists and detailed photos of each chess set, see RS&A Ltd (r-s-a.co.uk).

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