06 July 2014

Chess Life for Kids

This fortnightly 'Chess in School' series, last seen in The Riddles of Chess (and Brain the Winner), is only exposing the peak of the iceberg. I was reminded of this when one of my About.com articles, Top 10 Ways to Lose at Chess, was indirectly included in the June 2014 issue of 'Chess Life for Kids'.

The cover of that issue is shown on the left. The question 'Where do YOU play chess?' on a photo by Lena Shaban is a call for other photos on the same subject to be used as future cover art for the magazine.

'Chess in School' is an evolution of the scholastic chess boom, which is itself a part, albeit a large part, of the increasing interest in chess for children. A page on the USCF's USchess.org site, About Chess Life for Kids Magazine explains,

Chess Life for Kids is the official publication of the United States Chess Federation (USCF) for age 12 and under. A subscription to this leading chess magazine is one of the benefits of Scholastic membersship in the USCF. Chess Life for Kids is a bi-monthly publication.

I'll take a closer look at this resource in a future post.

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