12 June 2008

Insiders' Perspectives on World Championship Matches

Two books worth reading for their unique take on World Championship matches are:-

  • 'The Day Kasparov Quit : and other chess interviews' by Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam • Almost half of the 30 interviews deal with aspects of World Championship matches.

  • 'From London to Elista' by Evgeny Bareev & Ilya Levitov • Close looks from Kramnik's side at the London 2000, Brissago 2004, and Elista 2006 matches.

Both from New in Chess. Both recommended.


Tom Chivers said...

I just finished rereading "The Inner Game" by Dominic Lawson which is also interesting.

Mark Weeks said...

Glad you mentioned it. I thought about including it, but it slipped my mind as I was writing the post. - Mark