02 February 2007

Wikipedia Chess the New Google No.1

I do a lot of Google searches on chess topics. I often start a search with the word 'chess'...

Results 1 - 10 of about 39,400,000 for chess

...then add the phrase I need for the particular search of the moment. That means I sometimes see the top-10 list for chess several times in a single day. Today, for the first time I can remember, the Wikipedia chess entry...

Chess - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

...is appearing at no.1 in the results. The previous no.1 was Jon Edwards' site...

Chess is Fun

...now appearing at no.3. Going back a few years, I remember that the USCF's USchess.org held the no.1 position for quite a while.

Wikipedia Chess has been climbing the top-10 for many months and it was just a question of time before it came in at no.1. Although it may bounce in and out of the top position over the near term, I expect it will eventually occupy that spot for years to come.

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