25 August 2011

World Championship Chess Pins

No, I'm not talking about Bishops pinning Knights against royalty; I'm talking instead about the sort of pin pictured on the left. Its eBay title was 'FIDE Chess Match Petrosian - Fischer Argentina 1971 Pin' and when I first saw it there were a little more than two hours left for the auction with a high bid around $150. I said to myself, 'That's a lot for a pin', bookmarked it out of curiosity to see the final price, and was surprised to see it pop up on the list of items for my latest post on Top eBay Chess Items by Price.

That little pin received 22 bids from six bidders and finally sold for US $1186. The pin's description said only, 'Pretenders chess match Petrosian - Fischer, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1971', where pretenders match is the Russian equivalent of candidates match, as in World Chess Championship : 1970-72 Candidates Matches.

The astute seller of the item is well known on this blog by his eBay handle bulkcover, last seen in Chigorin Played Correspondence Chess. You can find my previous posts on his eBay activity by using the search box in the navigation column on the right. Something tells me this isn't his last mention here.

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Steve in TN said...

Still enjoying your blog even though I'm not playing/blogging/doing anything with chess currently. Thanks for your work, Mark.