19 April 2011

My 1000th CFAA Post

Blogger: Dashboard tells me that this is my 1000th post for this blog, which is some sort of milestone. It's taken me almost five years to reach this number, so it's a safe bet that I won't be seeing 10.000 posts. A year ago today, in a post titled Apples to Apples, I did a comparison of my five distinct chess resources, along with a follow-up in Adsense and Sensibility. The results are in the following graphic, with an explanation in that Apples post.

It's a good time to make another comparison, especially since I haven't added anything to the About.com material since September 2010: About Face to Fischer (and Larsen). Here are similar numbers for the six most recent full months, again using the most popular resource as a baseline for the others.

The resource m-w.com/chess (my World Chess Championship site) itself showed a 10% increase in page views over the previous period, indicating that all resources are trending up.


In reality, the post that you are currently reading is only number 999. My 'oldest' post was a test of the earliest acceptable blog date, which is 1/1/2000. Just now I tried changing the date on that post and discovered that 'The post date must be between Jan. 1, 1970 and Dec. 31, 9999'. When I set it to 'Jan. 1, 1970', the year didn't appear in the Blog Archive, so I restored the date to 'Jan. 1, 2000', where the year does appear in the archive. My next post will be the real number 1000.

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