29 January 2012

Google's Blogger Buzz

Keeping up with chess news already places demands on my time, but I also try to keep up with the underlying blogging technology. That means looking at Blogger.com's Blogger Buzz ('The Official Buzz from Blogger at Google') at least once a week. Here are posts from the last six months that I considered important enough to make special note.

+1 button, handling copyright, Favicon, Lightbox, dynamic views, Analytics support, AdSense, Google+, threaded commenting. That's a lot to take in at one go.

Noting these evolutions is one thing; incorporating them on my own blogs is another. I'd like to start with Favicon by re-using the icon from my site World Chess Championship on my blog of the same name. First glitch: 'Please use a square image that's less than 100KB', but my logo is 83x100 and the site where I found the original -- Chess Graphics, WCC logo, Cowderoy.com -- is long gone. Fortunately, that home page redirects to Chess Graphics at Chessgraphics.net. What Favicon should I use for my two other blogs?

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