27 January 2012

Shirov on Shirov - Kramnik 1998

Shirov won the match, but Kramnik collected the prize money and a few years later even got the opportunity to play Kasparov, winning the World Champion title. After quitting FIDE, Kasparov turned the chess world on its head in more ways than one.

Kramnik Vs. Shirov - Final Game (1/2) (16:52) • 'Alexei Shirov gives a first-hand account of his 1998 clash in Cazorla, Spain with Vladimir Kramnik - in a match held to decide who would become the official challenger to World Champion Garry Kasparov.'

I'd never seen the clip before, but I guess that it's an excerpt from Shirov! (Shirov-Kramnik 1998) - GM Alexei Shirov on Chessvideo.com. Who's the fellow presenting it? He's obviously a good player, but I don't recognize him.

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