04 May 2006

The other M.Weeks

There is another M.Weeks in the chess world....

Manuel William Weeks

...People sometimes point to something about him and ask me if it's me. My answer is always, 'No, it's not me, it's the other M.Weeks'. I suppose he gets the same questions from people pointing to something about me.

For the record, my full name is Mark Alan Weeks. A few of my tournament games have also found their way into the mega databases. I'm not particularly proud of them and I won't say which ones they are.

The advantage of being confused for another chess player is that opponents will study his games, thinking that they are preparing to play against me. The disadvantage is that the results of the other player might be confused for mine. This happened once before FIDE assigned player IDs. I took a hit for 30 rating points even though I hadn't played a FIDE event in years. I'm fond of saying that if I had played I probably would have lost even more, so I escaped with only a scratch.

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