11 July 2006

The Szen position

Received my April(!) Chess Life today. The first question in 'Evans on Chess' was about a position I had never seen before.

Szen position

[FEN "4k3/5ppp/8/8/8/8/PPP5/3K4 w - - 0 1"]

Evans called it an 'incredibly difficult ending', and referenced both Fine's Basic Chess Endings (no.68) and Staunton's Handbook. It is diagram 128 in Staunton.

Some Web references:-

EG issues 1-152
EG73 July 1983 has 5+ pages of analysis by GM Jon Speelman

Multilinear Algebra and Chess Endgames by Lewis Stiller
'Abstract. This article has three chief aims: (1) To show the wide utility of multilinear algebraic formalism for high-performance computing. (2) To describe an application of this formalism in the analysis of chess endgames, and results obtained thereby that would have been impossible to compute using earlier techniques, including a win requiring a record 243 moves. (3) To contribute to the study of the history of chess endgames, by focusing on the work of Friedrich Amelung (in particular his apparently lost analysis of certain six-piece endgames) and that of Theodor Molien, one of the founders of modern group representation theory and the first person to have systematically numerically analyzed a pawnless endgame.'


Anonymous said...

I think you mean the article "On Numbers and Endgames" by Noam Elkies from the same volume.

Stefano Tommaso said...

This is the No. 68 position on Fine's original BCE, but not on the Benko's revision of said work. I wonder whether they disposed of it or moved it somewhere else in the book.