18 March 2007

Chess Collecting

I understand the chess collecting passion and hope that I never succumb to it. Like many chess players, I have a number of chessic odds and ends sitting in a spare drawer and I have a few hundred books that serve mainly as reference. The thought of real chess collecting, meaning chess set collecting, conjures up a nightmare where the house is filled with huge display cases and my time is spent endlessly dusting thousands of chess pieces. I'll leave real chess collecting to the people who have the wherewithal to do it properly.

Last week I picked up a copy of CCI-USA News (Vol.2006 issue II), where 'CCI' stands for Chess Collectors International. The first page of the printed newsletter had a list of chess links to 'Interesting collections and chess related information'. Since a printed list of web links is only useful for getting started, here is the same list in clickable format.

I used the titles that I found on the pages rather than the titles in the CCI-USA newsletter.

1 comment:

Roger Coathup said...

Hi Mark... I want to know who's collected all the good chess sets! We needed one today for a TV shoot we did with ITV.
The one I found had obviously ignored your concerns about dusting!

Keep up the good blogging.