22 October 2007

Chess Product Odds & Ends

While working on my chess links for About Chess, I always have a few interesting links that, for some reason, aren't quite suitable for the published lists. This month's topic was Resources for Chess Products and Shopping, and these were my leftover links:

  • Home > Buy > Search: chess Selling Leads • www.alibaba.com • Import/export anyone?

  • Chess Mould kits by Prince August • www.princeaugust.ie • Make your own theme chess set?

  • Museum of Chess Programs • www.gambitchess.com • Download the executables.

  • ChessTheatre • www.dgtprojects.com • DGT sells good products, but this one's a mystery; whatever, it's free.

  • Russian Chess : Handcrafted by Russian Artists in St. Petersburg • wanspages.prodigy.net • One of a kind sets, many of them already sold.

I especially liked browsing the Alibaba.com offerings.

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