24 July 2008

Greenpoint Pipes

The Greenpoint Chess and Go Club has a neat gadget called the Combined Chess Feed. It's built using Yahoo Pipes, a technique I mentioned in Gadgets and Widgets. No, I don't think it's neat because they include Chess for All Ages in the feed. It's neat in spite of that. I can think of a half-dozen blogs that would be more suitable, but there's no accounting for taste.


BomTrown said...


1. how will this effect your blog traffic?

2. if I comment here, will it show up at the Greenpoint Pipes? Let's see.

1. thanks for the info. thanks for all the chess info you provide for internet chess fans.

Mark Weeks said...

Hello tom_brown_of_baltimore - Re your questions: 1) Traffic? When I look at the traffic counters that a few chess blogs use, I never see anything significant. I doubt an additional feed makes much difference. 2) No, it doesn't show up. I imagine it's an option in the Pipes configuration. - Mark