05 September 2008

Photos from the Bilbao Grand Prix Slam

There are lots of photos on Flickr from the Bilbao Grand Prix Slam. This one shows the players in the sound proof glass playing cabin called the aquarium.

chessbilbao26 © Flickr user otxolua (Josu Garro) under Creative Commons.

For more from the same series, see chessbilbao For more from another photographer, see Final de Maestros del Gran Slam - Bilbao 2008.


Macauley Peterson, ChessBase.com said...

Hi Mark,

Quick correction: Bilbao is the Final of the Grand SLAM, not the Grand Prix. A lot of people are confused about this, but FIDE's Grand PRIX is a completely different set of tournaments, two of which (Baku, and Sochi) have been held, with the third scheduled for December in Doha.

ICC Chess.FM (ChessClub.com)

Mark Weeks said...

Thanks, Macauley - I can't blame the mistake on confusion. It was a time pressure blunder while preparing one last post before leaving on vacation. - Mark