22 January 2009

USCF Election Means Odd Year

Later this year, the USCF will hold an election for its Executive Board (EB). From the Bylaws of the U.S. Chess Federation ('Includes all changes passed at the 2006 Annual meeting'):

Article VI: Executive Board • Section 1. Composition. The Executive Board shall consist of seven members elected for staggered terms of four years. The Executive Director serves as a non-voting member of the Executive Board, with the right to debate and make motions, but without the right to vote. All Executive Board members are national officers of the USCF. • Section 2. Functions. The Executive Board shall manage the affairs of the Federation, including employment and other contracts, between meetings of the Board of Delegates and shall perform other duties as specified in these Bylaws. The Executive Board shall be subject to the authority of the Board of Delegates, and none of its acts shall conflict with actions taken by the Board of Delegates. The Executive Board’s direction to the staff shall generally be given by the USCF President.

In July 2005, Bill Goichberg, Greg Shahade, Joel Channing, and Robert Tanner were elected to the EB for four year terms, although three of them resigned without completing the full term: Shahade resigned in January 2006, Tanner in December 2006, and Channing in April 2008. In July 2006, Randall Hough was elected for a three year term, replacing Shahade. In July 2007, Susan Polgar, Randy Bauer, and Paul Truong were elected for four year terms; Jim Berry was elected for two years, replacing Tanner.

Shortly after my first post on the 2009 election (see Odd Year Means USCF Election), the USCF announced the candidates. They are (with names linked to Google searches, * = incumbent) Mike Atkins, Jim Berry (*), Bill Goichberg (*), Ruth Haring, Eric Hecht, Mikhail Korenman, Brian Lafferty, Blas Lugo, Brian Mottershead, Mike Nietman, and Sam Sloan. For a copy of the announcement, which was originally posted on a discussion forum open only to USCF members, see USCF Executive Board Candidates [16 January 2009; Chessusa.net], along with links to other relevant pages. • To be continued...

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