24 April 2009

Michael Jackson's Chess Set

Michael Jackson's chess game © Flickr user El_Enigma under Creative Commons.

See also Michael Jackson cancels auction of personal memorabilia • 'A huge auction of Michael Jackson memorabilia scheduled for next week was cancelled on Tuesday and auctioneers agreed to return all the items to the singer.' (14 April 2009; www.vancouversun.com)


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I am the importer and wholesaler of these custom made italian chess sets. if anyone is interested please contact me or come check out my art gallery. There is only 3 of these custom chess sets in the United States. Only 12 made. michael jackson bought 1 and i have the other 2.
one is 4 out of 12 in my Florida gallery(Lugano Art Gallery) and 1 out of 12 in my New York Gallery(CarulloArtGallery). please contact me directly if interested.
Thank You,
Nicholas Carullo
cell: (917)749-9594
Lugano Art Gallery
75. N Federal Highway
Dania Beach FL 33004