20 August 2009

FIDE Historical Ratings on Olimpbase

On top of documenting every supranational team championship known to the chess world, Olimpbase has a keen interest in historical ratings. The site just announced its latest tool.

More than a year ago we prepared the spreadsheet file with compilation of all available, historical Elo ratings. Today we have something much better - the very special tool for fast and easy browsing of all historical lists and legible, comfortable player cards documenting all past ratings, placings, spellings and other data.

See History of Elo ratings 1970-2001 for a more detailed explanation. Nice work, Olimpbase!

1 comment:

Jovan Petronic said...

Hi Mark,

Long time, no see.

I've stumbled on my old FRL archives, one of which came from you, I think. I see you have a few pages on the topic, with a lot of details.

If you wish, you can download my complete archive.

Hope they are of some use to you. I've given up searching for more long time ago, and probably will never find the time to unravel the ones I have collected. I've sent them to OlimpBase, too.


P.S. I can't find your email address....