01 October 2009

LIFE Magazine on Google

Near the end of last year I noted the availability of LIFE Photos on Google. Not long afterwards I noted Chess Magazines on Google. Now I discover, via Life mag goes online through Google scan project (Yahoo.com), that the two projects are really the same.

The first link in the Yahoo article is a Tinyurl.com concoction leading to LIFE Nov 23, 1936, aka LIFE Magazine Vol. 1, No. 1. [Am I the only person who hates clicking Tinyurl? You never know what's going to pop up on the other side of the click.]

If you enter the search term 'chess' (what else?) in 'Search in this magazine' (which is not the search box at the top of the page?!), you get: Magazines 1 - 10 of 307 on chess. The first search result is 'Chess champion Bobby Fischer is deep in training?', LIFE Magazine, 19 May 1972. The article starts with the famous photo of Bobby holding his legs underwater.

The Google hits just keep on coming!

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