04 October 2010

18 -> 21 Memorable Games

While flipping through one of the Predecessors volumes for the Nth time, I noticed that the famous game Fischer - Geller, 1967 Skopje, was included in the Volume II section on Smyslov. It then occurred to me that the game wasn't on my list of 18 Memorable Games, the collection of games annotated by both Fischer and Kasparov. It turns out that I had overlooked Fischer's draws and losses recorded in sections of Predecessors on the other World Champions. After locating three more games and adding them to my list of 18, I decided that the 1967 Skopje game would make a good followup to the posts on Fischer - Geller, Bled 1961, especially since the 1961 game was unusually one-sided.

Geller has made several appearances in this blog -- Geller and the World Championship, Kasparov: '[Geller had] a positive or equal score against nearly all the World Champions!'; A Small Error in Wade & O'Connell, Fischer was +3-5=2 against Geller; and Soviet GMs on Fischer's Style, Geller: 'Both in the opening and in the middlegame, Fischer's main strength is that he quickly and excellently solves simple functions. He does not devise deep plans, but leaps from position to position.' -- and it turns out that, along with his four other wins against Fischer, he also annotated the 1967 game in his book 'The Application of Chess Theory'. I'll look at the Skopje game in my next post in this series.

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