18 February 2011

Carlsen & Nakamura Playing Blitz

Sometimes you get tired of watching art videos, like What Makes a Perfect Game of Chess?, and just want to watch two of the world's best players go head to head at blitz.

World Blitz Championship (8:11) • Carlsen - Nakamura, Moscow 2010

To play through the moves of the game, see Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura; World Blitz Championship 2010 on Chessgames.com. GM Levon Aronian, another of the world's best players, won the event.

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Macauley Peterson, ChessBase.com said...

Mark, I assume you've seen this trove of videos from Moscow on ChessVibes, which are generally of much higher quality?

World Blitz (Part 1)
World Blitz (Part 2)