12 May 2011

BBC: The Master Game 1980

Judging from the number of views I get on a post from a year ago -- BBC: The Master Game -- featuring a pair of Karpov - Spassky games from the 1982 Master Game series, there is a lot of interest in these videos. Since that post, many more clips from the BBC series have been uploaded to Youtube. How many? I decided to spend some time finding out.

Here are links to the clips for the 1980 series, all from YouTube - Sirb0b1's Channel. The presenters are Jeremy James and Bill Hartston. Two of the videos, marked with '(*)', display crosstables for groups A and B, with four players each. The winners of the two groups met in a final.

Group A: Walter Browne, Vlastimil Hort, John Nunn, Helmut Pfleger

Group B: Robert Byrne, Victor Korchnoi, Lothar Schmid, Michael Stean


I didn't double check all of the links, so if you find an error please let me know via a comment or an email (address on my profile).


Later: This appeared in Here It Is: Sixth Chess Improvement Blog Carnivàle!.


Intermezzo said...

Great series and a nice idea to gather all the links together but unfortunately none of them seem to work :(

Intermezzo said...

My mistake Mr Weeks. They do work but not on my iPhone! Cheers

LinuxGuy said...

Not seeing any of the videos come up on my Ubuntu Linux PC. Another site had videos that looked like this and didn't work, but Flash works on this PC on Firefox.

Robert Pearson said...

Linked at the Sixth Chess Improvement Blog Carnivàle!

Jonathan Berger said...

Unfortunately, The Master Game episodes posted by Sirb0b1 have been removed from YouTube.

I'd like to start an effort to make these old episodes available again. To organize this, I've started a web page on my personal site at http://www.baligu.com/the-master-game.html

If you're interested in helping, please get in touch.