30 September 2011

Asheville Mural Project No.2

I 'mirrored' this photo so the letters on the ball player's jacket would read 'CH' instead of its mirror image. After I did this I noticed the chess board was set up incorrectly. Sometimes you can't win.

AMP Underpass 2 © Flickr user zen under Creative Commons.

While I was browsing the photographer's other AMP photos, I found the same photo I used a year ago in Chess in Asheville. Then I found both AMP chess photos combined in a single image -- AMP Asheville mural project projected -- with the ball player sitting in front of Black pieces. Somebody in Asheville likes chess.

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Mark Weeks said...

Received the following email...

[Start of email]

Subject: Asheville mural project and chess
Sent: Sunday, October 2, 2011 3:57 PM

I tried to respond to your recent blog but came up against a lot of strife. The reason for the gentleman's portrait being done in reverse is simple, we want the portrait to look good to him. You can't tell by looking at it except for the three lines that end to show a backward C. When you do a portrait for someone especially 7 or eight foot tall it's important to make them like it first and foremost, and we are all most accustom to our mirrored image.

Ian Wilkinson
Asheville Mural Project
Program Director

[End of email]

...explaining the backward 'C'. Now I know why I never look good in photos! - Mark