11 October 2011

Garry's Games

In a recent post, Garry's Story, I linked to a series of videos on YouTube that cover a set of five DVDs titled 'Garry Kasparov, My Story', originally issued in 2000. While I was watching the clips, I noted the games that Kasparov analyzed together with GM Plaskett, the host of the series. Here they are, with links to the corresponding games on Chessgames.com.

Part 1 - Teenage Prodigy

Part 2 - Joining the Elite

Part 3 - Rebels and Renegades

Part 4 - Hitting the Wall

Part 5 - Rite of Passage

In a future post I'll discuss one or two of these games in more detail.


Later: This post appeared in November Chess Improvement Blog Carnival -- The Get 'er Done Version!.

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