17 February 2012

Death Plays Chess

THE CHALLENGE (2010) Death Plays Chess © Flickr user Alejandro Lorenzo under Creative Commons.

The thumbnail page for the set, Death plays chess (2010) - a set on Flickr, explains,

"Death Plays Chess" is a visual story in photographic art of the characters originally created by Ingmar Bergman for the film "The Seventh Seal". Every artwork examines precise details. Anything excessive has been eliminated in order to concentrate fully on the characters and the storyline. The simplicity of the images almost reaches a level of abstraction.

Your first challenge is to figure out which color you just picked. Is the Pawn White or is it Black?

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Mark Weeks said...

Received a message from the photographer...

[Start of email]

Subject: Is the Pawn White or is it Black?
Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2012 11:06 PM
From: Alejandro Lorenzo - Photography

By accident I saw my picture on your blog :)

I tried to post a comment, but it seems I didn't succeed... apparently :(

Anyways, I just wanted to express my regards and good luck trying to find out whether the pawn is black or white... :)

Alejandro Lorenzo
Freelance Photographer - Visual Artist
Lucky Productions - Visual Partner

Life's uncertain, eat your dessert first

[End of email]

...If the photographer doesn't know the color of the Pawn, who does? - Mark