27 June 2013

Chess Psychology/Philosophy

In my previous post, Post-vacation Recap, I mentioned, 'While on vacation I received an Amazon Kindle as a Father's Day gift and spent some time reading Rowson's "Seven Deadly Chess Sins".' I chose this book because I had heard so many good things about it and had read its successor 'Chess for Zebras' (referenced in The Adorjan Series to Date).

In his musings Rowson mentions so many other books that I thought it would be useful to list them. It turns out that it's not necessary because the book contains that rarest of chess book features -- a bibliography!

'Chess books with a predominant psychological or philosophical perspective' (*)

Where had I seen a similar list? In a 2007 post on 'Psychology in Chess', where I linked to a Chessville.com article. Since that site is now defunct, here's a link to the same article on Archive.org: 'My Chess Psychology Bookshelf' by Rick Kennedy.


(*) I know! I should have transcribed the list to text format, but there are only so many hours in one's life...

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