11 November 2013

Carlsen's ICC Games

The type of summary I made on Anand - Carlsen Openings is only possible because the games between the two players have been collected into one place. As for GM Carlsen, my last post on his career, Early Carlsen Games, mentioned that 'the collection now has 1674 games'.

While that number certainly covers more games than anyone can study in detail, it represents only a fraction of the games that Carlsen has played until now. The following graphic, showing results from his time on the Internet Chess Club (ICC), says that he played more than 8000 games on ICC.

The first line in the display, labeled 'Wild', includes the three games listed in Carlsen Played Chess960. What about the other games? Are they worth collecting and preserving? Given the fervor that stimulates chess historians to discover obscure games by the great players of the past, Carlsen's games are certainly worth collecting. But who will/can do it? Along with the question of ownership, to which ICC has a claim, there are other factors to be considered. A suivre?

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