20 April 2014

An Easter Postcard

Today would normally see a post on Top eBay Chess Items by Price, but having just returned from vacation, I don't have the time. Besides that, it's Easter Sunday, so the following postcard, also seen on eBay, is appropriate.

The title was 'Easter Greetings Chicks Playing Chess on Egg Shells Antique Postcard', which was also the only useful information in the description. The card sold for US $63.61 after eight bids, which must be high for a postcard and a record for a card showing a chessboard with 5 x 17 squares.

As for date and origin, the back said 'Printed in Germany' and carried an address in Warren, Rhode Island. The stamp area said, 'Domestic one cent, Foreign two cents', which was the rate at the beginning of the 1900s.

Other than that, have a Happy Easter!

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