09 June 2014

Kasparov TMER: Next Steps

I ended Kasparov TMER: Last updated 2014-06-02 (*) with a 'summary of projects for a rainy day'. The first was easy:-

2014-05-12: Was there really no activity between March and September 2003?

I confirmed that Kasparov played no publicly recorded games during that period. His book 'My Great Predecessors, Part 1' was published in August 2003, with Part 2 following in January 2004. I suppose he was busy with those. The last project is more complicated:-

Kasparov's run for FIDE President has seen him travelling to many countries, often giving exhibitions. Where are those documented?

His biggest fan club, Chessbase.com, announced Kasparov for President – 2014 FIDE Campaign on 8 October 2013. The usual sources -- Google and Youtube -- have a mountain of information starting from that date. Along with those are a number of good sources to be investigated:-

Since this will all require considerable time, the problem will be to find that time to check all sources. [(*) TMER = Tournament, Match, and Exhibition Record]

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