19 February 2015

Inaccurate Data on the Rating List

Now that we have FIDE Rating Lists Restored, let's return to Other FIDE Titles (February 2013) and create an overview similar to Titled Players and Their Continents.

The results are shown on the left, where the continents are numbered:-
1: Europe,
2: Americas,
3: Asia, and
4: Africa

Continent '0' was explained in the post on 'Titled Players and Their Continents'. As for the titles themselves, they are

International Arbiter
FIDE Arbiter

FIDE Instructor
National Instructor
Developmental Instructor

FIDE Senior Trainer
FIDE Trainer

International Organizer

All of the categories have more titleholders today than they did two years ago, except for FST, where I previously counted 103. Something is wrong here, so lets do a quick analysis...

FIDE's online list, FIDE Senior Trainer (FST), currently has 150 names compared to the 102 shown in my chart. Similarly, the FIDE page for International Arbiter (IA) lists almost 1900 names compared to my 760. Conclusion: the FIDE rating list is out of sync with the titles awarded.

Indeed, the 'FIDE Chess Profile' for the first name on FIDE's list of 150 FSTs, Aagaard, Jacob, does not show that he is an FST. The profile for the second name, Abramovic, Bosko, says 'FIDE Senior Trainer (2013)'.

...Looks like my numbers are worthless. Sorry about that!

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