09 November 2015

TCEC Season 8 Superfinal in Progress

Before I end this series on Modern Chess Engines, previously seen in Parallel Search, I should return to the tournament mentioned a few months in TCEC Season 8 - Preliminary Info. Although still in progress, the event is nearing its finish with the TCEC Season 8 Superfinal – the strongest chess match in history! [chessdom.com].

The TCEC Superfinal rules : The final match consists of 100 classical chess games with the following rules. This match is played with 50 different openings so that each engine plays both black and white of the same position. [...]

A few days before the match started, I noted in 'Parallel Search',

Once again, just as in Season 7, the two super-engines Komodo and Stockfish are playing for the title of unofficial World Computer Champion.

Komodo won the first game of the match and currently leads +2-0=14, with an average of five games played per day.

Source: tcec.chessdom.com/live

In a recent interview on NPR, 'Pawn Sacrifice' Examines Genius Of Chess Champion Bobby Fischer, GM Andy Soltis said,

There's a world championship chess tournament going on right now that hardly anybody pays attention to in the chess world because all the players in it are computers, and they're far better than we are. They make moves that we just don't understand.

GM Soltis underestimates how much attention this match is receiving. It is, after all, showing us the future of chess.

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