04 December 2015

Trafalgar Magic

With 860 views, 55 faves, 135 comments, and counting -- something is happening here. It's an entry in a contest, Contest #45 "Games & Sports" (other chess entries, too),

The fun of Games and Sports is what we're looking for in this challenge. Do you have a favorite sport? Or an old game tucked away in a closet or attic that would make unique art? Maybe some childhood game brings back special memories for you. Or maybe you even have a child or grandchild's game that could be turned into spectacular art.

and the numbers must be other contestants checking out the competition.

Checkmate © Flickr user abstractartangel77 under Creative Commons.

Despite its originality, the piece looked vaguely familiar. Then it hit me: Giant Chess in Trafalgar Square. The real magic is in the original.

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