01 November 2016

November 1966 'On the Cover'

Fifty years ago the covers of the two major American chess magazines featured tournments that continue today.

Left: 'Our Men in Havana'
Right: 'New Emperor'

Chess Life

[Pictured:] Evans, Addison, Benko, Fischer, Rossolimo, R. Byrne, and Team Captain D. Byrne • U.S. TEAM FINISHES AHEAD OF FIFTY COUNTRIES IN XVII CHESS OLYMPICS • Final Standings, Premier Section: Soviet Union 39 1/2, United States 34 1/2, Hungary 33 1/2 [...] • Special in our next issue: Detailed report by Larry Evans • Cover photo furnished by Nicolas Rossolimo

Chess Review

New Emperor? Well, what else to call Arthur B. Bisguier, winner of the "Empire City (under any other name, New York would smell the same) Open"? He was clear winner at 5.5-0.5, ahead of Pal Benko, Dr. Karl Burger, Asa Hoffman and James Sherwin, who tied for second place at 5.0-1.0.

The 2016 Olympiad that took place a few months ago in Baku, Azerbaijan was the 42nd in the series. For more about the 1966 Olympiad, see 17th Chess Olympiad: Havana 1966 (olimpbase.org).

As for the Empire City Open, its web site, EmpireCityOpen.com, announces, '35th Empire City Open; December 27-29, 2016'. In 1966, the 'Tournament Life' section of the September Chess Life indicated that the event was organized by the USCF. In 2016, it is one of the Continental Chess Association (CCA) tournaments. Is the 1966 event counted in the current series?

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