05 February 2017

Chess with Rare Woods

We don't see many chess tables here on Top eBay Chess Items by Price. The only one I can remember was Quarter Sawn Chess (December 2013).

The title of the auction on this latest table was 'Horse Head Chess Table and Chairs; Beautiful, Unique, One of a Kind; Hand Carved, Made with Rare Woods'. The item sold for US $5500, Buy-It-Now. That's more than twice the price of the 'Quarter Sawn' table, which was also a beautiful piece.

The description said,

This unique chess set was purchased in the 1980's when living in the Philippines. It came from and was made in a small village of wood carvers in Baguio. Beautiful authentic high quality Philippine hand carved wood Chess table and chairs.

The table top is supported by a pedestal carved into a horse's head that sits on a square base. Horse head carving's are on the pedestal of both table and chairs.

Chess pieces are made from rare ebony, ironwood (kamagong) and molave. The table itself has a variety of woods from cacia raintree to narra. The inlay comes from three different types of woods.

The table top is reversible and flips to serve as a backgammon board. The table is 5" deep for storage of chess pieces. All chess pieces have felt on the bottom.

This piece is in excellent shape for its age. Has been stored for many years. There is a varnish coating over entire pieces to protect all wood. There is some peeling in small areas of the varnish and few light scratches.

Table - 28.0" H x 28.0" D x 28.0" W
Chairs - 18.0" H x 12.0" W
Chess Pieces - range from 4" to 7"

Note the reference to Baguio, Philippines. This was the venue for the 1978 Karpov - Korchnoi Title Match, Which Karpov won +6-5=21.


Unknown said...

Not one of a kind have same chess table purchased from phillapines lol

Unknown said...

Where did you buy it from? Saw one on Etsy and did not buy it in time..would love to find another one!

Jana said...

I’m researching as I have inherited one. I haven’t posted anywhere yet. Are you interested?