22 August 2017

Bobby's Family

While working on the recent post Young Bobby and Sister Joan, the same photos of Bobby Fischer's family members kept appearing on various searches. Here's a composite.

1st row: Regina Wender Fischer & Hans-Gerhardt Fischer, Joan Fischer Targ & Regina
2nd row: Bobby & Joan, Bobby & Paul Nemenyi [also a composite]
3rd row: Paul Felix Nemenyi [work permit 1940]

Since most of the photos are easily found in different versions on various image searches, I won't give the sources. I previously used the composite of Bobby and his biological father Paul in Bobby's Parents (October 2007), where it was a screenshot from a Fischer documentary that might be its origin. A fuller scan of the work permit is on Paul Nemenyi & Bobby Fischer, along with a few other little known photos. For a biography of Bobby's biological father, see Paul Felix Neményi (geni.com).

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