20 April 2018

Chess in the Pink

Once again I'm faced with a Flickrless Friday (December 2017). The last time this happened, in Not so Flickrless Friday (March 2018), I explored one of the ways that artificial intelligence (AI) is used to categorize photos. Now I'll explore another way. In 'Flickrless Friday' I wrote,

I hope to have a real Flickr Friday post two weeks from now. If not, I'll explore those little colored boxes at the top of my screen capture.

The new screen capture below shows 15 'little colored boxes', where I chose to limit images to 'pink'.

flickr.com/search/?text=chess (on 'pink')

The Flickr universe of 'text=chess' photos currently returns 'View all 359,886'. Of the 15 colored boxes, two are labelled pink: 'Pale pink' (105,017 photos) and 'Pink' (9,304). I guess pale pink has a higher number of photos because it includes people's faces. Whatever the reason, my screen capture uses 'pale pink', which is why the corresponding box has a check mark.

Next to the little colored boxes are four patterned boxes, labelled in order 'Black and White', 'Shallow depth of field', 'Minimalist', and 'Patterns'. I'll save a look at those for the next 'Flickrless Friday'. In the meantime, I might try to find another source of photo sharing. Like other Yahoo services that I use from time to time, Flickr seems to be failing gradually. I've also been trying to think of a legitimate motivation to search on pink chess photos, but don't have a single good reason -- except to write a post like this one.

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