11 May 2018

The Last Video Friday

Unlike last Friday's post The Last Flickr Friday, this current post isn't really 'The Last Video Friday'. That distinction belongs to 2018 U.S. Championship (April 2018; 'Strength of the Tournament'). The tag count currently shows 'Video (406)', which means I have to go back many years to find the original Video Friday. I initially performed a couple of tests to understand the techniques:-

Some time after making those tests, the videos were gone. The YouTube version is now marked 'This video is unavailable', while the Google version has simply disappeared without a trace. The third post in the category was:-

  • 2007-03-16: Video Friday • 'Chess and metaphysics don't usually mix well. This video is a pleasant exception.'

By some happy quirk of fate/metaphysics, that first Video Friday post has survived intact. I don't know what the odds are of a video becoming unavailable, but based on the number witnessed via this blog, it must be fairly high.

'This video is unavailable.'

I'll still continue reviewing recent YouTube submissions on the subject of chess, but it won't be on Friday.

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