26 July 2018

Chess Greetings

'♫ Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! ♫' • The heat wave that dictated my previous post, A Chess Board Is a Stage, continues unabated, which gives me another chance to use those cheesy HTML symbols for music. In the 'Stage' post, I wrote,

I started to analyze my archive of chess images. One of the by-products of that analysis was to catalog series of related images.

For this current post I identified a series of ~20 chess images from eBay auctions in May 2010, all conducted by the same seller. Most of the images were for greeting cards, of which nearly a dozen used the 'Happy Birthday' theme.

The frame on the bottom right shows a typical image before I processed it. The image contains two cards and is rotated 90 degrees, as were most of the other images in the series. Only the bottom card is a 'Happy Birthday' greeting, although the top card showing the chimp playing chess is interesting in its own way. In the post that kicked off this series on my archive of chess images, An NN for Chess Images? (June 2018), I asked,

How about building and training an NN to tell the difference between a photo and a drawing; and maybe throw in a scanned text as a third possibility.

Add to this multiple scenes in a larger image plus rotated images, and the specification for the NN is starting to get more complicated.

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