13 July 2010


A frequent commentator at both Chessninja.com and Chessvibes.com is mishanp (both of those links retrieve posts where he has left comments), who often quotes from translated Russian sources. It turns out that he has his own blog dedicated to similar interviews: Chess in Translation, 'Russian chess news and interviews in English'. An example:

The Norwegian’s successes really are impressive, but nevertheless they've been achieved mainly against the lower half of the table. So that if we talk about matches against, say, Anand or myself, I'm not sure that Carlsen will be the favourite. But in a tournament his chances are greater – his flexible, malleable style adjusts well to different types of opponents. In that you can see the influence of Kasparov who also, on top of everything else, was capable of "cutting down the tail-enders".

From Kramnik on competing with Carlsen (chessintranslation.com).

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