22 July 2010

Scid's HTML Export

Following up Diagram Testing, Testing, 1-2-3 and Scid @ Mark's, this is a test of Scid's HTML Export function, where a game score is exported for display on a web page. The Scid help page says,

Scid can export games to an HTML file. For diagrams to appear, you will need the diagram images (distributed with Scid in the directory "bitmaps/") to be in a subdirectory bitmaps/ under the directory the HTML file is in.

The result looks like this:-

The function uses a common technique where the board is an 8x8 table and each square uses a GIF graphic representing a specific piece of a specific color on a square of a specific color. This gives me the option to design another style of board & pieces. It would be very useful to have a parameter pointing to a permanent 'bitmaps' directory.

Unfortunately, the game header is not particularly attractive and there is not much I can do about it except change the HTML after the fact. The annotations appear as untranslated NAG codes (Numeric Annotation Glyph; the '$201' at the end of the first line of moves represents the Scid symbol for 'Insert Diagram'), because I selected that as an option. I could have specified that they be translated.

There is also a function for HTML with JavaScript Export, to play through a game using the browser. I might try that some other time, but first I have to decide how I want to handle diagrams.

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