23 July 2010

Chess at the Oakland Riots 2010

Left: This Man Set Up a Chess Match in the Middle of the Intersection, Oakland Riots, 2010 © Flickr user Thomas Hawk
Right: Chess © Flickr user mirnanda

From Justice, Interrupted - A Report from the Frontlines of the Oakland Riots:

The scene downtown was quite surreal at. Masked and bandana-d anarchists mingled with Oakland residents. There was a New Orleans-style jazz band and another group of musicians playing Tabla drums. In the center of Broadway and 14th, two men were quietly playing chess in the street. Yet back on 13th, the police commander was directing the riot squad to advance; an "unlawful assembly" had been declared and anyone who remained on the premises was to be arrested.

For the full story: BART Police shooting of Oscar Grant [Wikipedia]. • Both photos under Creative Commons.

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