28 June 2011

Improve Your Chess Game

In my most recent post, Moving on after Vacation, I decided to convert more material left over from my six years with About.com. A year ago, in What's Popular, What's Not, I determined which of the converted pages were the most visited. Here is an update showing the 25 most popular pages, in descending order of interest, out of the ~150 I have already converted.

The dominant theme here is chess improvement, with a few history pieces thrown in for balance. I've often said that a player who is really interested in chess will also be interested in chess history. • For an excellent blog devoted to the topic of improvement, see The Chess Improver, by GM Nigel Davies; recommended for players of all levels.


Later: This was used in 4th of July Chess Improvement Blog Carnival!!. It's not really the sort of thing I like to submit to a blog carnival, but I was on vacation in June and didn't have a lot to choose from.

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