07 June 2011

A 'Master Game' Lookalike

After a comment to my post on Eight Years of the Master Game informed me that I had made a mistake on the winner of the 1982 event, I went off in search of the source of my error. It turned out that there was a second event in 1982 using the Master Game format. Its two preliminary groups were double round robins and the final match was won by reigning World Champion Karpov. It was the first competition to be called 'FIDE World Cup' and was played in addition to the event behind the seventh Master Game season, won by GM Lobron.

It seems that I was already mistaken in my first post on the subject -- BBC: The Master Game (May 2010) -- which featured links to the final match won by Karpov over Spassky, and which repeated the phrase 'in the style of the BBC "Mastergame" series'. If I had been more alert I would have realized that 'in the style of' meant a knock-off, not the original. My error was compounded when I only located PGN game scores for the World Cup, not realizing that there were more scores for the Master Game.

The YouTube clips were made available by SearchBucket, and although most of the World Cup games are missing, there are many other historical chess videos in his channel worth watching.

Group A: Slim Bouaziz, Anatoly Karpov, John Nunn, Yasser Seirawan

Group B: Eric Lobron, Boris Spassky, Jan Timman, Eugenio Torre


Apologies for the error on the Eight Years post.


Later: After I discovered that YouTube had removed the videos linked by this post, I rewrote it using a new set of links: A 'Master Game' Lookalike, Second Attempt.

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atavachron said...

A little wikipedia article produced on the principle that 'if you want something doing....'.:


The TMG-style coverage was the BBC's coverage of the 1982 World Cup. These episodes should be uploaded by 'Sirb0b1' to his excellent YouTube channel in due course.