27 June 2011

Moving on after Vacation

Returning to chess blogging after my annual vacation is always a challenge. Besides dozens of other tasks competing for my time, my mind just isn't tuned into chess or into blogging and needs a good jump start. My first task is always to make a plan for the first two weeks of posts, where the main difficulty is to decide on the very first post. Last year I wrote a post on How I Spent My Summer Vacation, but this year I don't have such an obvious topic.

My Capablanca series (see Moving on from Capablanca) ended just before my vacation started, so one idea is to continue converting my About.com articles, last seen in About Face to Fischer (and Larsen). My recent analysis of general interest in my online chess resources (see My 1000th CFAA Post) shows that the resource is trending in the right direction. I still have a list of pages to be converted on Where to Go From Here?, which gives me a good starting point for the next series of conversions.

That solves the vacation re-entry problem: I have a first post *and* I have a new series.

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