27 April 2007

Bughouse for One

Today at CFAA it's Video Friday. Since I'm working through Smyslov games, I thought it would be appropriate to have a Smyslov video. Unfortunately, YouTube turns up zilch. Of all the post-Alekhine World Champions, Smyslov is the only one who doesn't have a single video to his name. Even Petrosian has one, although it is only an 18 second clip showing someone playing the Black side of a Fried Liver Attack and getting mated after nine moves. Ugh!

But wait! The name 'Smislov' is attached as a keyword to the 'Petrosian' clip, so there is a video after all. Double Ugh! Both players deserve better.

Instead of Smyslov, I'll use a robot clip. It shows an industrial syle robot that would normally be used to assemble cars. Working around the clock it would replace three or four blue collar workers and wouldn't want to join a union. Instead it's playing a two-board simul with a person on one board and a replica of itself on another board.

ABB Chess Playing Robot (1:27) • Hannover Messe (i.e. 'Fair')

A pair of these things would be useful for playing bughouse when lacking three other people. What does the robot cost? Can I plug in any chess engine I want?


Ryan said...

Strange how these chess robots never caught on! lol.

Mark Weeks said...

'Strange how these chess robots never caught on!'

They're here! They're now!...

International interest in ABB technology at Hanover Fair

'2007-04-19 - ABB’s stand at Hanover Fair in Germany this week has been the focus of much interest, with a continual stream of visitors from all over the world. [...] The highlight of the tour was a chance to play chess with ABB’s miniature robots. The robots are vision-guided and equipped with "SafeMove" technology, a system that allows robots and humans to interact directly, minimizing the need for expensive and restricting safety barriers The robot carries out complex tasks like identifying and moving chess pieces while simultaneously watching its opponent, halting immediately if the human is too close.'

...Unlike Fritz and company, these opponents keep an eye on you. - Mark